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To get new units in ALS, you usually need to summon them on the two existing banners, but there is another way through time-limited secret codes. Check out how to get the free Kohan (Drip) unit in Anime Last Stand below.

How to unlock Gohan (Drip) for free in Anime Last Stand (ALS)

If you want to unlock Gohan (Drip) for free in Anime Last Stand (ALS), you need to use a secret exclusive code. To use it, you first need to subscribe to the YouTube channel of @HotSauceHan. In his ‘Thank You Anime Last Stand’ video, he shares an exclusive code Sub2HotSauceHan for a free Kohan (Drip) unit.

This is one of the exclusive code units which you can redeem in Anime Last Stand. To do that, all you have to do is turn on the game and click on the codes button on the left-hand side of the screen. Put the code into the text box, and once you redeem it, this unit should be in your inventory.

Kohan (Drip) might not be the most powerful unit in the game, but getting it will definitely give you bragging rights as the code is time-limited. Unless the developers decide to bring it back at a later date, only those who have redeemed the code will have this exclusive unit.

I enjoy getting free units since I have no luck in gacha games and pulls. I’m still not sure how I got the Mythic Sukuna unit in this game. Hopefully, there will be more of these code units that we can redeem in the future!

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